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Coach Bags Malaysia (Authentic)

Coach Bags Malaysia (Authentic)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

100% Authentic Coach Bags in Malaysia.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the blog where you can find 100% authentic brand new Coach handbags in Malaysia.

We guarantee that we are selling the genuine Coach product as we also support original products.

We have several lines of Coach bags stocks which running fast... as we offer a very affordable price to our customers.

Every order made can be received normally in 10 days.

Try to buy one for you to get a closer look at our original product.

As an introductory offer, you are entitled to get 10% discount for the purchase of 2 bags or more in a single receipt.

Any order can be made via email at or Facebook at Coach bags (authentic) or pm Terra My.

We thank you for using and trusting in our product!

PRICE : RM 1,020.00

 coach 14573 peyton canvas op art tote white
PRICE : RM800.00

 Coach 16410 Op Art Signature Tote Handbags khaki
PRICE : RM 850.00

 coach madison 15955 black leather sophia handbag
PRICE : RM 1,080.00

 Coach 15868 Poppy Patent Satchel Bag Ruby Red
PRICE : RM 900.00

 coach 14753 kristin op art sateen handbag black/white
PRICE : RM 800.00

 COACH 14515Peyton Signature Canvas CarryAll Bag bone
PRICE : RM 800.00

 Coach 16410 Op Art Signature Tote Handbags khaki
PRICE : RM 850.00

coach 13193 chelsea conv heritage strip hobo bag pink

PRICE : RM 800.00

 coach 14528 peyton signature satchel carryall khaki
PRICE : RM 800.00

 coach 15567 studded op art alexandra khaki
PRICE : RM 820.00

 Coach 14514 PEYTON LEATHER Embossed Carryall Bag hot pink
PRICE : RM 950.00

 coach 12963 madison op art julianne tote bag khaki
PRICE : RM 880.00
 coach 13847 poppy signature spotlight purse
PRICE : RM 800.00

 coach 13584 madison sabrina khaki gold ikat purse
PRICE : RM 900.00

Coach 15921 Madison Patent Leather Cobalt Sophia

PRICE : RM 1,070.00

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